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Would you trade one or both of these guys? For the right deal, I sure would!

Backchecking: To Trade or Not to Trade?

For the New York Islanders and the long suffering fans (of which I am one) the pain continues into 2013. A season that began with some hope, as in the past several seasons, is quickly sliding into oblivion once again. We can discuss any number of topics. A report in the New York Post suggesting [...]

Backchecking: Not the Predictions You Wanted

Backchecking: Not the Predictions You Wanted

I am not one to make predictions about where a hockey team will finish. Not any team. Not even the Islanders. Suffice it to say, I just don’t see the team as a playoff contender this year. Not without a lot of “ifs” breaking the Islanders way. While anything is possible. I just don’t see [...]

The New NHL Logo — for 2013-14, if there is an NHL...

Backchecking: A sort of open letter

To Gary Bettman, the NHL Board of Governors, NHLPA Management and NHL Players It is with great frustration and anger that I write this letter. I speak for myself, but I am guessing that many fans are feeling the very same things that I will innumerate here in this letter — the purpose of which [...]

Backchecking: Fans Lose — As Usual

Backchecking: Fans Lose — As Usual

The NHL has locked out its players — again! I think if these morons (both sides) are as entrenched as they seem to be — half the season could be lost. They really can’t seem to ever get it right in the NHL beyond the other major sports leagues. This is the 3rd lockout since [...]

Backchecking: A Very Real Truth Could Hurt – A History And An Observation

Backchecking: A Very Real Truth Could Hurt – A History And An Observation

If my latest post about fan expectation/reaction about the New York Islanders off season pissed you off, then this one is sure to create more frustration. I warn you now — you may want to stop reading here. The direct root cause of what GM Garth Snow can do in constructing his team, and what [...]

Backchecking: The Islanders Begin Offseason But What Do The Fans Think?

Backchecking: The Islanders Begin Offseason But What Do The Fans Think?

Most days that I read comments and assessments from Islander fans I end up just slapping my shaking forehead and saying out loud. “oh holy hell….” I mean seriously, is there nothing that Garth Snow can do to make Islander fans happy? Does it really matter if they are or they are not? The short [...]

Scott Mayfield - a 2011 draft pick of Garth Snow, is another in a long list of draft picks that have an opportunity to develop, and could bring excitement to Islander fans in the future. Someone please ask Larry Brooks to research some of these guys before flaming every aspect of the franchise the next time!

Backchecking: Half The Job – An Open Letter to Larry Brooks

The following is a letter I sent to Larry Brooks of the New York Post after his article critical of the Islanders — calling them “irrelevant” was published. I wrote the note, not so much to defend Charles Wang and Garth Snow. But I felt strongly enough that while the franchise is continuing to struggle, [...]

Backchecking: Is this the end?

Backchecking: Is this the end?

  The end for the Islanders 2011-12 season is more or less at hand. We can discuss that at another time — but the bigger end might be just beginning. To suggest we should be concerned is an understatement. Conversations I have had. The play of the team. The lack on anything coming directly from [...]

The frustration for Isles coach Jack Capuano is evident, as it is for all Isles fans, and while the responsibility falls on the coach, it also falls on the GM, the Owner and 20+ players.

Backchecking: Reality for the Islanders

Though not mathematically eliminated, last night crushing 5-1 loss to the New Jersey Devils has the Islanders all but eliminated from the post season. While the team may have been playing important games in February and March — and that is certainly improvement over past years — it is not enough to challenge for the [...]

One of these two guys in playing in the NHL... David Ullstrom has been recalled to the Islanders as Brian Rolston is placed on Waivers. Sidney Crosby is still on the shelf!

Backchecking: 6 Points for the New York Islanders

I have not had the opportunity to write as much as I would have liked this season on my thoughts for the New York Islanders. With the season entering the final quarter, the trade deadline on Monday, and the Islanders fighting for their playoff lives, there are some comments Id thought to share with the [...]

Travis Hamonic (3) and Andrew MacDonald (47) are the current home grown defenders for the Islanders that should be a part of the teams core for years to come.

Backchecking: What to Expect: Part 3 — Defense

I hope we all had a great holiday break the last week. Although, I suppose the 3 games that made up the Christmas break for the Islanders was anything but great. Battling back on the road and getting a few wins put the Islanders within hailing distance of a run at the pack. But with [...]

Al Montoya is proving to be an NHL goalie. Another scrap heap pick up for the Isles.

Backchecking: What To Expect: Part 2 — Goalies

It was easy to keep a little quite over the past several weeks. My work dictated that. But the play of the Islanders from Thanksgiving weekend through the early part of December improved greatly, and the team put some wins together — climbing out of the NHL basement, and giving us fans a small glimmer [...]

Left to right, Bob Hartley, won the Cup in 2000-01 with Colorado, Michel Therrien, Cup finalist with Pittsburgh 2007-08, Marc Crawford, won the Cup 1995-96 with Colorado

Backchecking: What To Expect: Part 1 — Coaching

I have been quiet. I have been waiting. I have been patient. But the dysfunction of the franchise has once again caught up with me, and I am going to take a guess that I am not alone in my dread. What began 2 months ago as hope that this season would afford the Islanders [...]

Josh Bailey is becoming a major disappointment to Islander fans as he is pointless through 10 games along with wingman Blake Comeau

Backchecking: 10 Games In — All Is Not Well In Uniondale…

I am one to be reasonable when I approach the Islanders level of play. Usually it is after the bitter taste of another loss is expunged from my palette. I was at last night’s game against the Jets, the game before that against the Sharks, and the home opener. Other then the home opener, it [...]

John Tavares is Separating himself in stats from the rest of the boys in blue. Can they respond enough to help him elevate the Islanders?

Backchecking: Six Games In — Is This What You Expected?

It is 6 games into the 2011-12 NHL season and our Islanders are 3-3. Average. a .500 hockey team. Is this what you thought would be the team at this juncture? Did you feel we were better then this, or worse? Or is this about where the Islander should be at this point? Im trying [...]

It really begins and ends with Mark Streit. His addition back on the Islanders blue line will be a major boost to the teams chances at a playoff berth.

Backchecking: The Fun Begins

It has been a painful summer in some ways for Islander fans. Just as the boys in blue and orange were gelling together, giving us glimpses of what could be, the season ended. And while 2010-11 had a stretch of games that led the New York Islanders into the abyss of the NHL standings, they [...]

Backchecking: Shanahan’s “Penalty Box” Chats

Backchecking: Shanahan’s “Penalty Box” Chats

While I may be the Islander blogger for H.I., seeing the latest “innovation” for the NHL is a blessing, and if followed through, a gift to hockey fans around the world. There have been a few incidents during the new preseason that unfortunately warranted Brendan Shanahan, the new NHL Disciplinarian to hand out a pair [...]

Backchecking: The Vision of the Blind

Backchecking: The Vision of the Blind

For the nearly 40 years of the existence of the New York Islanders — basically, all of my life — the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum has been obsolete, or it seems. A privately financed “Lighthouse” development was stalled by the politics of “no,” small minded lack-of-vision thinking and killed at the Town level. A publicly [...]

Ryan Strome was impressive in his Rookie Games for the Islanders.

Backchecking: The Kids Are Alright – Update – Tavares Signed LONG TERM

Another season of hockey is upon us on Long Island and throughout the NHL.  My hope is I get to continue to say that well beyond 2015 for the New York Islanders, but that is for a different day. Today, dawn is about to break on the New York Islanders training camp and regular season. [...]

Backchecking: UPDATED – Bueller…Bueller…Bueller….

Backchecking: UPDATED – Bueller…Bueller…Bueller….

See the bottom for the UPDATE….   Can someone tell me what this is?   Anyone…..    Anyone…..   It’s Plan C. Plan C for the Islanders of New York? Anyone…… There is blame to go around — and I will get to it — all of it in all directions. Not a single person will be left [...]