Despite a Bad Call Red Wings Deserve Series Lead

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -After suffering a convincing lost on Saturday the Chicago Blackhawks came up with a much better effort in Game 3 but still fell to Detroit 3-1.Many will blame a blown call on a goaltender interference infraction for sealing the Hawks fate. The Chicago quest for a victory wasn’t paved with good fortune and all in all it was a difficult night for the players as well as Blackhawk fans.

It is a challenge to not make criticizing the officiating a regular part of writing Blackhawks columns. There isn’t another professional sport that changes the way games are officiated in the postseason more than the NHL. Teams play all season to qualify for a chance to win the Stanley Cup but come every spring certain infractions aren’t called nearly as often.

That is part of dealing with the NHL, the rule book sometimes appears to be written in water colors and officiating is anything but consistent. That said officiating can’t be used as a reason for a loss and it shouldn’t be following Monday night’s contest.

In my view Andrew Shaw standing in the goal crease, which is allowed, did not hinder Howard from making a save. That is the only factor which should define a goaltender interference call and subsequent waive off of a goal.

Unless absolutely sure, a referee shouldn’t waive off a goal and make a call based on what he thought happened. The overall consequence of last night’s no-goal call, which would have tied the game at two early in the third period, can be debated. The Hawks were starting to roll and there is no telling what the final outcome would have been if the goal counted, but the Wings still deserved the victory.

The best teams survive bad calls and unlucky breaks and find a way to win and Monday night the Hawks didn’t have enough. A short time following the debated no-goal call, Detroit scored their third goal and subsequently the Hawks had no answers.

As of now, the Red Wings look more focused, better coached and able to play a more complete game than the Blackhawks. So let’s put the Shaw goaltender interference penalty on the back burner. The Hawks came out and tried to take control in the opening frame. The Red Wings held strong and scored twice within 31-seconds in the middle frame to take a big two goal lead into the final period.
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  1. Tom says:

    I would not discuss one without the other when discussing the disallowed goal you must also discuss the hit on franzen and Blackhawks only goal! Refs do tens to use make up calls regular season and playoffs. I watch probably 60-80 games a year minimum then all the playoffs. The hit from behind on franzen( and no hawks fans he didn’t turn his back) was a horrendous no call and as soon as the hawks touched the puck there should have been a whistle and a 2 minute penalty. The first goal should never have happened. So could the waive off possibly be a way to even the score……maybe but according to the rule you can make an argument for the call either way. Ultimately the game came down to what this writer says in his article the better team on this night won and the hawks didn’t do enough so 2-1 wings lead it is and the hawks better show up for game 4 or they’ll be down 3-1!

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