The Art of Compromise

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -Sometimes compromising works best for all involved and Blackhawk fans will be hoping the same. To start this season it appears there has been a meeting of the minds between head coach Joel Quenneville and GM Stan Bowman.In the past, Bowman has promoted the idea of Patrick Kane playing center on the second line. Quenneville has been a staunch supporter of Dave Bolland being used as the third line center. It also seemed as if Coach Q was lukewarm about Kane moving to center from wing. If not, it took quite awhile for Quenneville to go in that direction.

So at the first Hawks practice on Sunday, a compromise of some fashion seems to have taken place. Bolland was centering the second line and his wingers were Kane and Patrick Sharp. My thinking is Bolland will respond to the challenge and do fine in a more offensive role. Kane and Sharp have great chemistry and should work well together.

Quenneville preferred Bolland on the third line because it gave his team a match-up advantage. As has been pointed out, last year when the Hawks focused on defense they were not a scoring juggernaut. Maybe playing Bolland up a slot will provide more offense and Quenneville believes this is a necessary trade off.

The bigger issue is whether playing time will be slanted even more so toward the top two lines. With the compacted schedule this may have been the time to look for the third line to play a greater role. Time will tell if Quenneville will allocate ice time in a more even fashion this season.

The heir apparent to Bolland’s checking line pivot position is Andrew Shaw. It didn’t come as a complete shock Shaw was going to be moved from wing to center because that was his role with the Rockford Ice Hogs of late.
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