XM Ice Cap Interview-What Now Blackhawks?

The link below is from an XM Radio Ice Cap interview with Jamie Shalley from March 21.


We discussed the potential consequences of a serious Patrick Sharp injury and the sporadic overall performances from some players and the challenges for Joel Quenneville. We mentioned the strain placed on the defense especially Duncan Keith and Corey Crawford.

Jamie asked if there would be any help coming from Rockford and how fans would respond if the Hawks failed to make the playoffs. I mentioned Jeremy Morin has been out with a probable concussion for a month. Actually Morin has been held out of action since mid January, which should be a concern.  We covered some other Blackhawk topics as well and hopefully you will enjoy the interview.

Tomorrow I will post a blog and try to make some sense of what has been happening.

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  1. shruew says:

    Not sure, but maybe Morin hit a setback. 2-3 weeks ago the Rockford Register was reporting him as close to returning and then nothing.

    Rockford is dealing with their own cadre of injuries. Though, I don’t think that would stop the Hawks from calling anyone up since Rockford isn’t really playing for anything.

    Caught them over the weekend playing Peoria. Akim’s keeps lighting it up since moving over there on loan.

    • Al Cimaglia says:

      Maybe the light bulb finally went off for Aliu…Physically he could be scary.

      As for Morin…

      I am worrying about him..A lot of talent but appears injury prone and concussion problems make it worse.

  2. djd says:

    According to Jesse Rogers Marcus Kruger is joining the ‘hawks for the remainder of the season and playoffs. Not looking good for Sharp.


    • HawksinDC says:

      Also, this is telling about the state of the Hogs.

      It appears that any help from Rockford is at least a couple years away, especially at the forward spots.

      I think Stan did good in just loosing a second rounder, in total, at the deadline.

    • Al Cimaglia says:

      He probably is the best candidate considering he has played against men for awhile…But I can’t consider him a big addition until he proves so.

      Also I wonder if Kruger is the replacement for Bolland rather than harp….and that is not a good sign either.

      You are correct about Sharp….

    • shruew says:

      That’s an interesting move.

      Jeff Taffe is a journeyman candidate sitting in Rockford with 53 pts in 60 some odd games.

      Actually, other than Pirri (who is just coming back from injury), Kruger apparently is the only Center under contract for next year. So I wonder if that played a factor as well.

      I guess they see the most offensive upside with him.

      • Al Cimaglia says:

        I think this move like some of the others can serve two purposes….And as you touched upon it is about next year too.

        There isn’t a replacement for Sharp and now it appears Bolland is out for awhile also….

  3. Al Cimaglia says:

    I don’t here any consitent good reports on Pirri and Taffe must be considered as a professional AHL player only by management.

    Beach is still working on simple algebra and isn’t ready for complex calculus.

    • shruew says:

      Not sure if they’ve given up on Pirri already. He’s only 19 and coming through his first AHL season battling on and off again injuries.

      • Al Cimaglia says:

        I agree… too young to give up on but from what I hear he has lessons to learn and might have been puffed up too much as far as upside potential.

        But I completely agree it’s dangerous to give up on a 19 yr. old with some talent.

  4. Living the Cup says:

    It seems Sharp’s injury is not too bad and Campbell was at practice today.

    With Kruger’s addition things appear brighter than yesterday although Bolland is still a big concern.

    Will someone have to go on IR or LTIR to fit Kruger in?

    • Al Cimaglia says:

      The roster moves the Hawks have left will not be impacted by cap space.

    • Al Cimaglia says:

      I like your optimism…

      Not sure yet about Sharp and Bolland is a big loss. But it’s good Campbell appears close.

  5. Living the Cup says:

    Maybe Kruger was going to come over regardless of injuries once his Swedish team was eliminated, which they now have been by Salak’s team.

    With Bolland having a concussion there is no timeline really, just when he’s ready.

    If the Hawks can get into the playoffs a little short staffed perhaps we get Sharp back for the 1st round and if we’re lucky Bolland for the 2nd.

    Best case scenario Kruger fits in with Hossa and then Bolland goes back to being the 3rd line Rat and we finally have 4 centres who fit in where they are best suited – Toews, Kruger, Bolland, Johnson. Assuming Sharp’s playing by then we could make a run!

    How’s that for optimism?

  6. shruew says:

    Here his line from the where he leads his team in points. Also have him listed as a left wing…

    Marcus Krüger LW 52 6 29 52 12 17:49 35


  7. Al Cimaglia says:

    Here is a good article on Krueger….He supposedly is thought of as a center as well.


    • shruew says:

      Hopefully he can win some face off as his team this year was 3rd word in the faceoff circle this year

      10 Djurgårdens IF 49.01 3346 1640 1706

  8. Al Cimaglia says:

    My opinion of the SEL these days isn’t as high as some…

  9. Orchardcreek says:

    If Kruger plays 10 games or less for the Hawks does that save a year on his entry level contract or does that not apply to him because of age or some other reason? My thinking is this may have been the plan all along and the injuries to Sharp and Bolland just make it look necessary and suggests a cause/effect relationship where there may not be one. Regardless of the 10 game issue, if his team was eliminated, it certainly makes sense to get him over and see what he’s got… And, oh how important he could be to next year’s roster if he can take on a substantial role at less than a million per!

    • shruew says:

      From CapGeek:

      If a player aged 18 or 19 signs an entry-level contract with a club (with his age calculated on Sept. 15 of the year he signed the contract) but does not play in at least 10 NHL games, the contract will “slide” or be extended one year. The extension does not apply if the player turns 20 between Sept. 16 and Dec. 31 in the year he signed the contract.

      Depending on the contract’s structure, the player’s cap hit can be affected either by an increase or a decrease. Players who sign at age 18 can have their contract extended (or “slide”) two seasons.

      CBA reference: Section 9.1 (d) (P. 23-24)


      Kruger was 20 when he signed his contract so there is no auto-extension of his three year entry level contract.

      He’s not listed as “Slide Rule” eligible on Cap Geek’s roster page either.

      From a waiver exemption he’s exempt for 3 years or 160 games (sliding down as he gets older) since signing his NHL contract.

      So, I dont think the 10 games played this year will matter much.

      If he was 19 or younger, then he’d have to play 11 games or more to count as his first season.

      Caveat — add “I think” to all of the above.

      • Al Cimaglia says:

        Thanks Shruew…and I agree.

        I also agree with Orchard as Kruger was probably coming sooner or later …Even if only as a Black Ace.

  10. Craig N says:

    I wouldn’t count on bolland coming back. Remember he’s not skating at all right now and it would take him awhile to just get his wind back In practice let alone play in a playoff game.

    I still remember when tallon was beaming at the 2008 draft about beach and how he just drafted a policeman to play alongside toews and Kane. Tallon said he was swinging for the fences but the pick isn’t eve looking like a solid double. Thank god he took skille back.

    Pirri is tiny and should be playing in the NCAA tourney this week at r p I. Why he turned pro I have no idea.

  11. Craig N says:

    Btw, anybody seen 2008 pick shawn lalonde play lately, is he developing at all ??

    • Al Cimaglia says:

      I would look for some input at the third man in.com concering Lalonde.

      Shruew watches more Ice Hog games in person than I do…